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Alfredowear - ‘a brand that makes the body tingle'; is built and fuelled through its innovative ability to fuse different printed/textured materials in order to express the creative depth of the brand. 

Founder Alfred relentlessly strives for originality, character and quality with every stand out design, ensuring it is made and perfected to the highest degree, further enabling recognition alongside other competition. 

At the heart of Alfredowear lies its passion for including each and every customer when it comes to creating these phenomenal designs. Collaborating with the client to bring to life ideas and visions, no matter how big, small or wild- anything is welcomed. 

Alfredowear is not just a brand but rather an experience; promoting strength, beauty and confidence, available to everyone and anyone who is ready to release their inner alter ego! 




Twitter: alfredowear 

Facebook: alfredowear 

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