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Bèl Dyès Mas







My name is Emma Mathurine,

I am the founder, owner and designer of Bèl Dyès Mas (pronounced Bell Dee Yay).  

Bèl Dyès Mas produces carnival costumes, namely for Notting Hill Carnival, creates bespoke made to order festival wear and is a place to purchase accessories.

As a British born West Indian, of Dominican heritage, I have always taken great pride in my Caribbean heritage. Pride in our culture, our traditions, our history and mostly just pride in our ways of life.

Outside of the carnival scene my professional career is in accounting, however, my love and passion for Mas has allowed me to participate in multiple carnivals every year around the world.

The history of carnival and the origins of why we take part in carnival has always been interesting to me. In times where we are still marching for the equality of black people and our emancipation in many respects, this is of great relevance to us all.

The name Bèl Dyès  is a mix of Haitian and Dominican Kweyol and translates to ‘Beautiful Goddess’.

When I founded Bèl Dyès Mas I wanted a mas band and a business that represented my culture and the love and beauty of our community. I spent time trying to ensure that Dominican culture is embedded in my brand as well as the colour and vibrancy of Mas in general.

There are a number of exciting things in the pipeline for Bèl Dyès and the future is certainly looking great for the brand

On the Bèl Dyès  site you will be able to register with Bèl Dyès Mas for Notting Hill carnival, as well as order bespoke pieces of wear, purchase accessories as well as purchase gems and trimmings.

Check us out!

Bèl Dyès  Mas will be on the road for Notting Hill Carnival, with our host band Funatik Mas and we are soooo excited to be on the road.


Social Media:

IG: @Dominican_emz / @beldyesmas

Faceboook: Bel Dyes Mas

Twitter: @beldyesmas

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