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Like many Carnivals locally and internationally, they can be challenging in preparing what to wear to each event. Ranging from live, indoor, outdoor, boat parties and of course last min fitness classes to get you in the complete Carnival spirit of the Caribbean. 

Here's your ever expanding list of events for the month of August leading right up to Carnival day and of course last lap jams for those who can survive the pace.

Make sure you eat well and hydrate sensibly when attending any of the dates listed as its meant to be an enjoyable time of the year, not a race to the drunken line. Have a great Carnival with whoever band you choose to join over the two day road experience.

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Friday 2nd August 

6pm till 3am - Lava Fridays - After Work Lime

8pm till 12am - London Calypso Tent - Opening Night 


Saturday 3rd August 

11:30am till 6:30pm - The Brunch 'N' Punch Rum Party


Sunday 4th August 

12pm till 9pm - Trini Park Lime

12pm till 7pm - Vincy CookOut UK

2pm till 10pm - Seven3 Launch

2pm till 8pm - Exclusive Roof Party

3pm till 12am - No Behaviour LDN 

7pm till 10:30pm - Kaiso Lime


Friday 9th August

6pm till 3am - Lava Fridays - After Work Lime

8pm till 12am - Calypso & Soca Extravaganza

11pm till 5am - Soca Frenzy


Saturday 10th August

12pm till 10pm -AfroBeach

1pm till 5pm - Brunch N Punch 


Thursday 15th August

7pm till 11pm - Triniboi Joocie Decade Concert


Friday 16th August

6pm till 3am - Lava Fridays - After Work Lime

8pm till 12am - UK Groovy Soca Monarch Finals


Saturday 17th August

1pm till 6pm - Dripping Wet

3pm till 9pm - Soca Addict - Drinks Inclusive

9pm till 4am -Unbothered

10pm till 4am - Bacchanal Junction


Sunday 18th August

9am till 2pm - Mawnin

2pm till 6pm - Mingle - The Sexy Beach Boatride


Wednesday 21st August

6pm till 12am - Sweat In The City - The Soca Fitness Fete

10pm till 3pm - Duty Free


Thursday 22nd August

6pm till 12am - Amnesia - Carnival Cruise

6pm till 12am - BessLime London: Carnival Island

6pm till 12am - Carnival Cook Out

8pm till 12am - UK Calypso Monarch Final

9:30pm till 3:3oam -Sunset - The Ultimate Carnival Experience

10pm till 5am - Glow UK - Carnival Thursday

11pm - 5am - Socalicious


Friday 23rd August

11:am till 3pm -D'International Soca Boat

12:30pm till 6pm - Duck Work London

3pm till 12am - Pon De RoofTop 

 7pm til 11pm - One Famalay 

9:30 till 4am - Soca Reggae Lution

10pm till 4am - No Rules

10pm till 5am - Hello Carnival

10pm till 6am - Carnival Friday

11pm til 5am - Bacchanal Friday


Saturday 24th August

8am till 3pm - Ruk-A-Tuk -Premium Breakfast Cruise

11:45am till 4:45pm  -Strut Boat Party 

1pm till 8pm - Dreamland Jouvert 

5pm till 12:30am- Shipwrecked in Ancient Greece

6pm till 10pm - Carnival Fete - The Boat Party 

6pm till 11pm - UK National Panorama Steelband Competition

9pm till 2am - Rotation Carnival Special 

10pm till 4am - Tribe Ignite

10:30pm till 4am- Scandalous Saturday 

11pm till 6pm - Notting Hill Carnival Warm Up Party - Energy


Sunday 25th August

11am till 8pm - Notting Hill Carnival Sunday (Children's Mas)

11pm till 6am - The Hot Carnival Party

10:30pm till 3am -Careless Sunday


Monday 26th August

11am till 8pm - Notting Hill Carnival Monday (Adult's Mas)

9pm till 2am - Night Plans Presents - Notting Hill Carnival After Party

10pm till 6am - NHC Quencher 

10pm till 5am - Ministry Of Sound - Carnival After Party


Saturday 31st August

7pm till 12:30am -Chutney Soca Boat Party

10pm till 4am - Lets Get Twisted 


September Last Lap

Sunday 1st September

11am till 10pm - The Jerk Festival 

1pm till 6pm - Mess Fest UK

2pm till 1am - Soca On De Roof

2pm till 6pm - Come Out To Play - Carnival Cool Down Party 

For any more info, such as maps and other activities around Carnival day over the main three days please visit the following;


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