Flora Nabena is the owner and designer for Mas With A Difference, which is one of London's premier carnival sections. MWD is renowned for its delicately hand crafted and hand stitched carnival costume pieces. The organisation was created by Flora Nabena out of her love and passion for carnival. Customised pieces include full costume sets, wire bras, Monday wear, feathered wings, collars and pretty much anything you can think of. Having had sections in London, Germany, Miami and Barbados, it's obvious that what began as a keen interest has morphed into a fully fledged business.



Email: info@mwdcarnival.com

Instagram/Twitter: @gr8estflo & @mwdcarnival

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mwdcarnival

Website: www.mwdcarnival.com

Mobile: +447984175483