Janine Camille

Janine grew up as a very independent and ambitious young lady who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur within different industries. She started off using her creative side… doing family and friends hair and helping design/build carnival costumes.


She grew up in and around notting hill carnival and decided one day to finally join a Mas band (Burrokeets) as she loved the soca and the amazing costumes. Janine has taken part in carnival in other countries such as Berlin and Trinidad which has heightened her carnival experience.

Whilst part of Burrokeets Janine went on to modelling for them and a couple of other bands such as Candy Mas and Bajan Revellers. She is now modelling for other bands such as Chantimelle Mas, Tropical Fusion Mas and Invaders Mas. She then became extremely passionate about costumes which then lead to her starting her own Mas band with Davina John (Chantimelle Mas) and designing her own costumes. 


From since Janine was about 20 years old she used to love to make rum punch, for events such as parties for friends and families. Whilst part of Chantimelle Mas, Janine made bulks of rum punch for the road, and for events they held. She then went on to make a large amount of rum punch for Invaders Mas in 2017. Janine realised then how great her punch was from many orders and feedback. She decided it was time to leave Chantimelle Mas and focus on turning her punch into a profitable & reputable business, as it’s something she is very passionate about. 

‘Camii Punch’ was then born (Est. 2018).


Camii Punch wasn’t Janine’s first business into the entrepreneurship world, her first business is called ‘Jay Camii’ which provides Jewellery and accessories for women. 


Instagram: Personal - @Jayy.r.c

                   Jewellery & Accessories - @Jaycamii_

                   Rum Punch/Non-Alcoholic Punch - @Camiipunch

                   Website: www.jaycamii.com