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A new carnival costume designer based in London.I started out as a mas player back in early 2000 taking part in jouvert and Sun & Mon carnival in t shirt.
For so long I admired seeing mas players in costumes at Notting Hill Carnival I loved the feathers the bling the designs ive always wanted to wear a costume but I wasn't confident due to me being plus size.

One year I took a chance  and picked a mas band and played mas in my first costume from that stage I've never turned back. And I wanted to create costumes for everyone more so plus size ladies.

So from that point I wanted to learn how to making Carnival costumes that everyone would feel comfortable and confident to wear especially the ladies. Being that I had no experience of making mas I started to research network within the soca scene and find a mentor to teach me skills and then use my own passion to learn and teach myself how to create and make costume pieces.

This has opened alot of doors for me I get requests from ladies to make them swimwear, blinged out Wire bras, panties, bras, feather wings, collars and much more for Carnival all over the Caribbean and Europe.
I love what I do and I'm doing what I love each costume piece i make is hand made with passion.


Instagram @natelegance


Mobile: +447490708623

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