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Sophia Joseph is the costume director and founder of Wassiville an exclusive premium carnival brand which provides clients with exquisite handcrafted costumes. Born into Carnival Sophia has been mastering the art of costume making for over 12 years. Wassiville is renowned as the brand that delivers detailed, lust worthy designs which embodies the sassy, carefree spirit of carnival and brings a unique edge in all design concepts.

Her portfolio of work includes commissioned costumes for international bands In St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago also United Kingdom, specializing in customised pieces including full costumes, feathered wings, wire bras, headpieces Monday wear and many more additional costume pieces or special requests for clients of all shapes and sizes. More than just a brand Sophia always strives to educate others on the importance of carnival and its links to culture by facilitating in community outreach programs and workshops. Passion in creative license is the core of Wassiville and Sophia’s aesthetic caters to the carnival goddess within every individual.



Mobile: +447946153150


Instagram/ Twitter: @Sophiawassiville @wassiville


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