Chantel Mia

Chantel is an ambitious, passionate, resilient Mum in Action with that entrepreneurial spirit and has not been afraid to take risks in her life. Since the age of 18 she has had various business ventures from 'Mingle if you're single to M.I.A Events'. 


M.I.A Events was formed back in 2007 along with 3 other likeminded ladies at University where they all studied 'BA Hons Event Management'. The name M.I.A (Mums In Action) came about as they was all mothers with young children trying to make a change in their lives. 


Chantel and the team organised various events through M.I.A Events which included club nights, family trips and raising money for children in need. They then went on to focus on organising children community discos, as they felt the need for children to socialise with other children in the community. 


M.I.A has now been rebranded and is co-owned together by Chantel and Symone. The focus is now empowering, supporting and promoting mothers who have a business. 


Being from Grenada & Trinidad Chantel has has been privileged to experience the carnival from both countries. She has used her knowledge to help with organising Acton Carnival 2017 and being one of the core mas band team members Mangrove Mas. 


Chantel Mia is also the owner of SIDELLE an online clothing store which specialises in the latest fashion styles. Sidelle was named after her daughter, she wanted to start something she could hand over to her in the future.