Latisha Greene

La Queen MakeUp


Latisha Greene is a certified, professional Make-up Artist, and founder of La Queen Make-up. Like many of us, Latisha grew up around and has been influenced by beautiful women working hard to accomplish their goals and looking their best while doing just that. Her mother being a tall and attractive woman always reminded Latisha and her two siblings to look their best whenever they left home. Latisha’s grandmother never left the house without applying burgundy lipstick.
Ms. Greene’s make-up journey started when she began dancing, and evolved when Latisha entered the modelling and pageantry world, where make-up is a staple and often used to enhance natural beauty. Surprisingly, the world of glitz and glam is not where her make-up artistry journey began. Instead, it all started with one incredibly talented woman with a passion for the art, - Latisha’s cousin, Staci. Staci is a professional and Award-winning beautician in the Caribbean island of Antigua. She often worked backstage at the shows that Latisha performed at, and Greene was fortunate enough to have been her assistant – applying foundation, blush, and lipstick and even helped with touch-ups. As Latisha’s interest in make-up artistry grew, Staci continued to serve as a mentor and taught her about the art-, and later encouraged Latisha to get certified. Now, Latisha Greene is a certified Basic, Bridal and Advanced Theatrical Make-up Artist based in Brooklyn; Latisha completed her certification at the Lia Schorr Institute in 2015.
Greene is proud to say that her work has been featured in several magazines, such as Elléments, Elegance, F Shift and BeauNu Magazine to name a few. Her work has been highlighted on the official websites for Younikness and Voguish Fashion. Latisha has worked at fashion runway shows and at carnivals outside of the U.S. Her love for make-up continues to grow while she has the opportunity to teach clients basic details about the art, allowing them to feel confident and beautiful. Latisha Greene looks forward to growing in the industry and getting the chance to work with you.
Welcome to La Queen Make-up- where the enhancement of natural beauty is priority, and make-up creativity with a Caribbean influence is showcased