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Savannah Paris Jewellery 

Hello everyone! 

I am Shar, owner of Savannah Paris Jewellery. 

We make natural gemstone and crystal jewellery for both men and women. 

We make jewellery that looks stunning and has meaning. Each stone with historic and cultural meaning attributed to it. Known for their physical healing powers and each one a birthstone, representing the month a person’s birth month.

Each bracelet is creatively arranged and handmade in our London studio and every single component has been carefully selected. 

Our jewellery is made to be worn for any occasion. 

To celebrate our launch we are offering an exclusive discount to Carnival Slayers followers. Limited time only so hurry! 

Use link below for exclusive 15% discount or enter CARNIVALS19 at the @savannahparisjewellery Etsy shop checkout.

Follow and tag us on Instagram @savannahparisjewellery 

Happy shopping! 

Shar x

Savannah Paris Jewellery 

What made you start Savannah Paris Jewellery?

Like many businesses, I started making my own jewellery as I felt there was a gap in the market for affordable, trendy, vibrant and quality gemstone jewellery. 

Initially, I just wanted some nice pearls to wear to work. However, the pearl bracelets I found on the market were either faux pearl, very poorly made and broke easily or were far too expensive and dated. So, I decided to train in London’s famous jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden where I learnt how to make them myself with good quality base metals and natural stones. For added, benefit, I also attended silversmithing courses to complement my trade. 

Through this, I got drawn into the wonderful world of semi precious gemstones. Up to that point, I had no idea such a huge variety of beautiful gemstones existed! Different colours, vibrant, went with anything I wore! I could coordinate my outfits with different gemstone bracelets (complemented with gold or silver depending on what I felt like wearing on the day!). 

As owner of the business, I am very proud and excited to be able to share these beautiful pieces with you. 

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