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Sugar Rush Beauty UK

Sugar Rush Beauty UK is a brand based in London that offers services such as hairstyling, skincare, special effects, editorial pieces, model runway work, music videos, weddings, festivals and Carnival makeup. I have an undeniable passion for cosmetology and a determination to share my skills with clients over the past 10 years. Faces truly become my canvas.

My biggest accomplishment is when I can change someone’s mood and boost someone’s confidence with a slight touch of my brush. My role as a make-up artist gives me the power to enhance my client’s natural beauty with simple touches executed with precision, care and accuracy.

My skills have been showcased for many luxurious brands found in flagship stores such as Selfridges to House of Fraser; just to name a few. These experiences have given me the confidence, as well as knowledge, that has made me the cosmetologist I am today.

I’ve recently joined Mas Beauty Hub where I have had the opportunity to join a community of make-up artists. I’ve been able to not only provide live tutorials but share further knowledge, support, empower and inspire others.

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